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まず、XYZ 20mm Calibration Cubeで20mmの寸法がどのくらいにできるか確認しました。モデルは以下からダウンロードしました。






I checked how accurate it was. First, I checked how much 20mm can be made with the XYZ 20mm Calibration Cube. I downloaded the model from the following.

There was an accuracy of about 0.1 mm for 20 mm. Next, I tried to print a large one. At the same time, he created circle and square holes and columns of various sizes. Printing is in progress. It took more than half a day to finish printing. I was able to print 200 mm x 200 mm. Items up to 200 mm square can be printed. The size of the pillar is almost as specified. Prism has rounded corners. The roundness is noticeable on small prisms with a side of 7 mm or less. The cylinder keeps the shape of the cylinder from a radius of 1 mm. The circular hole is 1 mm smaller in diameter. Holes with a radius of 1 mm or less will be filled. The square hole is also 1 mm smaller on each side. A square hole with a side of 1 mm is filled. The square hole with a side of 2 mm is considerably distorted in shape. Next, I checked the height direction. A cylinder with a diameter of 20 mm and a prism with a side of 20 mm were printed with a height of 200 mm. The prism was printed well. The top of the cylinder collapsed in a mess. Probably because the foundation has come off the platform. Care must be taken with thin and tall items. It seems that printing can be done without problems for items up to 200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm.

我检查了它的准确性。 首先,我检查了XYZ 20mm校准立方体可以达到20mm的程度。我从下面下载了模型。 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1278865
20毫米的精度约为0.1毫米。 接下来,我尝试打印一个大的。同时,他创建了各种大小的圆孔和方孔以及圆柱。 打印正在进行中。 完成打印耗时超过半天。 我能够打印200毫米x 200毫米。可以打印最大200平方毫米的项目。 支柱的大小几乎是指定的。方柱有圆角。在侧面小于等于7毫米的小方柱上,圆度很明显。 圆柱体从1毫米的半径处保持圆柱体的形状。 圆形孔的直径小1毫米。半径为1毫米或更小的孔将被填充。 方孔的每一侧也要小1毫米。填充一个侧面为1毫米的方孔。侧面为2毫米的方孔的形状明显变形。 接下来,我检查了高度方向。直径为20 mm的列和侧面为20 mm的方柱以200 mm的高度打印。方柱打印得很好。列的顶部一片混乱。可能是因为基础不在平台上。必须注意轻薄物品。 对于200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm的物品,似乎可以毫无问题地进行打印。


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